Branding Great Ideas


Great Ideas have the potential to introduce transformational change with scale.

RootBranded supports companies in delivering that promise by building brands that have the power to attract, inspire and activate.

Building brands with a vision


We create brands rooted in the core purpose of the business to resonate with both internal and external stakeholders.

An authentic brand vision with a compelling narrative is key to strategic brand-building programs that can support the business strategy.

MindShift Magazine


A magazine that reflects on the strategic principles behind building disruptive brands that transcend hype cycles and are guided by purpose. Placing promising start-ups in wider context, we examine global trends, their implications and opportunities for transformational change.


History is shaped by Great Ideas. We cover the stories.

About RootBranded


We work with innovative technology companies that are in the business of delivering transformational change.


Branding enables our clients to drive user adoption, build customer loyalty and cut through technology hype cycles.

Let's build your brand, together

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