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The Team

Joe Caselin

Founder & Brand Strategist

Joe brings several years of experience working with FinTech, Blockchain, and online retail platforms where he crafted branding and communication strategies that promoted brand values internally and supported business growth externally. With a passion for innovative enterprises, he founded RootBranded with the aim of Saving Great Ideas from Obscurity by building brands for companies that are in the business of delivering transformational change.

Ben Caselin

Content Strategist

Ben is equipped with years of experience building communities and mobilising people through communication. He draws from his experience with NGOs, educational institutes, business and the creative arts. With a passion for ground breaking technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and the internet of things, his role at RootBranded is to develop and execute coherent data-driven content strategies that are anchored in a brand’s core purpose and vision.

Marian Krafft

Business Strategist

Marian is a business strategist and media relations professional who gained experiences in a number of countries across a variety of sectors. He is passionate about the diverse applications of innovative technologies and exponential business models designed to capture market share at an accelerating pace. At RootBranded, Marian utilises his business acumen and growth mindset to bring new clients on board while challenging and fine-tuning their core purpose.

Kristy Lee


Kristy tells stories through the language of art and design. As a graduate from California-based Art Centre, she has worked with Fuseproject, Marcel Wanders, Bradshaw International and Nonobject to name but a few. Drawing on her expertise in product, packaging, web and graphic design, her role at RootBranded is to shed light at the level of imagery and form and bring brands to life.

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