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Branding the roots

1. Context & Strategy


Taking stock. Creating a brand with vision starts with understanding the context. We look at the business strategy and if current brand communication is supporting it effectively. Then we commit to fully understanding key customer segments and the clients’ industry in terms of trends, opportunities, threats and competitors.


Gathering this information is critical in guiding the brand building process so that the outcomes are relevant both internally within the company as well as externally across stakeholder segments.

2. Brand creation & enhancement


Finding the root cause. Creating a brand with vision requires understanding the people that are driving the business, and the implicit beliefs and visions of the future they have. These are key ingredients to formulating a root cause that is authentic and resonates with everyone in the company.


The root cause serves as the foundation for the Brand Manifesto in which we cover all brand identity elements and messaging including narrative, values, associations, personality, value propositions, and design.

3. Brand leverage


Bringing the brand to life. With the foundations in place, we bring the brand to life through strategic brand-building programs that support the business strategy. Leading with your brand vision means we can look beyond mundane marketing tactics and engage with key stakeholders in a meaningful way that inspires buy-in and loyalty. Purpose is your competitive advantage.


This is the easy part as brand building ideas naturally spill out from an authentic Brand Manifesto centered on the root cause. Secured with a brand vision, Great Ideas are now ready to make their mark.

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